• Have a horse you can't ride?
  • Have a horse you want tuned up?
  • Have a rope horse that won't stand in the box?
  • Have a horse that acts up when you haul places? 
  • Can't even get your horse in the trailer?

We can solve all of these issues! Nationally competitive roper Kristi Breickler specializes in training rope horses, breaking young horses, re-training problem horses, and tuning up horses that just a need a refresher in riding.

We strive to help your athlete become the best version of himself, through proper hoof care, daily grooming, customized diet, and customized training program. Horses are worked 5-6 days a week, and frequently hauled to new environments when needed. Owner lessons are included in the training packages, so that you can learn right along with your horse! 

We offer training and showing packages to fit every budget and goal. Contact us today to start your ride to the top! Owning a horse that you can do anything with is truly a rewarding feeling.

Western Training

​Weatherford, Texas                                                                               (254) 723-2101