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Lisa A Crow,


Kristi & Panama 


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Vanhoozer Farm Western trainer Kristi Breickler is participating in the BEHS Spring Training Challenge, in which trainers have 90 days to turn a rescue horse into an adoptable/rideable horse.

Kristi has worked SO hard with Panama Jack. Starting with a horse that could barely be caught, Kristi has now taken him to a jumping show, mounted shooting (at which he excelled), and cattle sorting, among numerous other outings and adventures.

It has taken a village of chiropractors, massage therapists, and equine dentists to help Panama be pain free and focused. Kristi has done an excellent job preparing Panama for his next home. 
This challenge will culminate on May 4th in Sanger, Texas,where all participants will be showing off their horses AND performing a musical freestyle! 

Interested in helping Kristi and Panama?

We need:

  • Volunteers for May 4th-booth setup, prop setup for Kristi and Panama's freestyle routine
  • Exposure to new stimuli-if you have an idea for a new challenge for Panama, feel free to let us know! Last month, they tried mounted shooting! Before that, a jump show.
  • Purchase a tshirt!

​Weatherford, Texas                                                                               (254) 723-2101

We have designed fabulous shirts to support Kristi and Panama! Part of the proceeds will go back to the Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. Buy yours now and wear it on May 4th to support Kristi and Panama! ​You can pick yours up at the barn after May 1st, at the Help-A-Horse Day May 4th, or we can ship it to you! Please select size with shipping if you need us to mail it.